Libyan authorities on Tuesday recovered 25 unidentified bodies from five newly discovered mass graves in the city of Tarhuna.

Located some 90 km south of the capital Tripoli, Tarhuna was once the eastern-based army’s main military operation center during the war against the former UN-backed government in and around Tripoli.

One grave contained 10 bodies, the second contained 9, the third contained 4, and each of the remaining two graves contained one body, the General Authority for Research and Identification said, adding that a search is underway for more mass graves in the city.

A week ago, 10 unidentified bodies were recovered from two mass graves in Tarhuna.

Since the beginning of the search in Tarhuna in June 2020, many mass graves containing dozens of unidentified bodies have been discovered in the city.

The former UN-backed government accused the rival eastern-based army of mass killings in Tarhuna.

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