Fatinah Kigenyi a 70-year-old a resident of Kabi Zone in Buwenge town council, died inside Kiira Northcentral police station in Jinja district.

Kigenyi was arrested by police over allegations of trespass ,. However, on arrival at the police station, she collapsed and died a few minutes later after succumbing to hypertension.

Yakut Mulowoza, a relative of the deceased says that police insisted on arresting Kigenyi even when she told them she was not feeling well. According to Mulowoza, the deceased suffered a high blood pressure attack two days ago.

Sylvia Bukumune, a resident says that police officers arrested Kigenyi for allegedly being involved in boundary disputes with her neighbours. She however faulted the police for using force and demeaning language while arresting her today.

“Police officers would always arrest and release Kigenyi over land dispute challenges but for today’s case, armed police personnel and detectives aboard a police pickup surrounded her house, before leading her to the police station,” Bukumune says.

Another relative, Aisha Bulamu says even when they pleaded with police to have Kigenyi taken to be first taken to hospital for treatment, they refused until when she breathed her last. Local authorities have also blamed the police for involving itself in a matter already before court, saying Kigenyi was set to appear in court later next month over the exact same case.

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