Police in Mukono is investigating circumstances under which a 15 year old boy stabbed to death a man who was counseling him.

The incident happened at Wanyonyi T.C in Nama subcounty, Mukono district. Joseph Hegenyi met his death when he blamed Innocent who is 15 years old over abusing one Okello who was 3 times his senior.

The trouble started when the boy’s mother Scovia Ouma was having a fight with Okello after accusing Okello over damaging his hoofers.

Ouma and Okello all operate bars at Wanyonyi T.C. It is alleged that Okello had borrowed Ouma’s hoofers but returned them when they were faulty and this sparked an argument between the two adults.

The boy now came in and quickly joined the mother’s conversation and started abusing Okello.

According to Luke Oweyesigyire the Kampala deputy police spokes person, one of the elders around identified as Hegenyi was near by and tried to stop Innocent from abusing the elderly man, the boy first drew from the scene but later returned with a knife and stabbed Hegenyi who died shortly.