A Female Kenyan Senator Gloria Orwabo Walks In Parliament With ‘Blood-Stained Trousers’ Ms. Gloria who was criticized for her action of walking into the parliament yesterday with a blood stain on her trouser says she is proud to stand against ‘period shame’.

Ms. Orwabo walked into parliament with period-stained trousers, stirring the plenary session as Sen Tabitha Mutinda asked the Speaker to rule on Ms. Orwabo’s dress code, which she termed inappropriate.

In a BBC Focus on Africa radio interview, Ms. Orwabo defended herself saying that what happened at the senet was an accident because when she got out of her car, she had stains but when the sergeant at arms tried to cover her saying she needed to go back to her car, Ms. Orwabo decided to ‘walk the talk’.

“I think what has happened is that the culture that we have adopted is to shame the period like something completely horrible is happening to you. So, because that culture has been embedded and it’s completely rooted it is known when you’re on your period you should hide, you should not Speak of it and it is a secret,” said Ms. Orwabo.

She added on and said, “But I thought to myself for a moment this is what we are trying to advocate for, so I should walk the talk that was the big story because a woman was having her periods.”


Senator Gloria Orwabo/courtesy photo
Senator Gloria Orwabo/courtesy photo

However, when she was asked about her reaction when Senate Speaker Amason Kingi ruled that she to leave the chamber.

“Having periods is never a crime,” he said. “Sen Gloria, I sympathize with you that you are going through the natural act of menstruation, you have stained your wonderful suit, I’m asking you to leave so that you go change and come back with clothes that are not stained.”

She replied and said, “You know even before the speaker asked me to leave, what was shocking was that it’s the women senators that were coming to me and saying you know you are really bringing down our dignity as women in the Senet and why don’t you just go cover yourself because this is inappropriate and that was shocking because I thought I would get support.”

After leaving the senate building, Ms. Orowba did not change her clothes. She spoke to the media and then visited a school in the capital, Nairobi, to distribute sanitary pads.