Police is investigating a gruesome accident in Kasese that left 32 people dead and 11 people badly injured along Kasese-Fortportal highway last night.

The accident happened yesterday at about 9:40pm between Rugendabara and Hima Town council in Kihogo and it involved five cars which involved two premios.

The bodies are currently lying at Kasese municipal health center III and the injured 11 are being treated at Kilembe hospital and St Paul’s health center III.

Kibombo Hamid one of the survivors says the first accident was a collision between a Premio reg no. UAU700U and a Canter truck of reg no. UBF968T while they were carrying electricity polls and UMEME workers were on the truck.

He also adds, since the road was narrow and slippery, the other three vehicles which were from Fortportal rammed into each other and that’s how the accident occurred.

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