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The Elgon regional police is investigating circumstance under which a secondary school teacher died in Wodada lodge in Sironko Town Council.

Police said Moses Lokerith Santos, 39, a teacher and resident of Lorengedwat Village in Moroto District checked into the lodge in January and he was found dead by a manager of the lodge, Ms Juliet Buhule on Tuesday.

The body was found lying on the bed  with no injuries, according to police. The deceased had stayed in the lodge for the last one month.

According to Mr Taitika, Ms Buhule told investigating officers that the deceased would leave every morning and return drunk, which happened for the entire month.

The deceased had also requested the lodge manager to allow him stay for one more month and pay up the money at the end of March, a request he was granted.

The scene was visited by teams of detectives from the homicide desk and the district scene of crime officers to gather evidence. They recovered some exhibits in the room which included a national identity card, academic documents i.e. UCE and UACE certificates, work [school] identity card and a Covid-19 vaccination card.




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Moroto teacher found dead in Sironko lodge