Being one of the most trending artists currently, Alien Skin Real name Patrick Mulwana has claimed that he is the only artist in Uganda and regarded others as fans.

Alien Skin joined the music industry with his hit song ‘Sitya Danger’ which went viral on TikTok and pictured in the old version of BobiWine.

Before that, he is said to have been singing but never got a chance to get airplay on any media house let it be television or radio station.

Important to note is that after getting a hit song, Alien Skin has been misbehaving, fighting, and going bare knuckles with most promoters.

In one month, he has fought with more than two people promoters, and bouncers included. It is only one person that took him to the police although he didn’t sleep behind bars.

With only one hit song, Alien Skin is now claiming he is the only musician in Uganda.


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He said he will keep fighting the issue of promoters threatening not to give him jobs is just a joke because if doesn’t perform then no one will do so.

“I am the only musician in Uganda. These things of promoters saying they will not give me jobs I don’t know where it will end. If they don’t allow me to sing then who will be on stage,” Alien Skin said.