Socialite and After5 TV presenter, Sheilah Gashumba, has claimed that none of the contestants who are vying for president of the Ugandan Music Association(UMA) is competent to lead the association.

A few days back the overseeing body of the Uganda Musician Association (UMA), kicked off the process of electing the new governing body following the expiry of the current executive’s mandate.

There are three aspirants vying for the president of UMA. They are: Ramadhan Mutebi alias Lord Bitem, King Saha and singer Cindy Sanyu, the incumbent.

Sheila Gashumba

At the weekend the association organised a presidential debate that took place at the Next Media Conference Centre and was covered live on NBS TV but Saha did’t turn up.

Gashumba, using her social media platforms, said one doesn’t need to be an artiste to be the president of the musician association.

“I personally think no one is competent to be the president of the Uganda Music Association on this list. Anyways it’s just my opinion. Musicians won’t have managers or be under record labels if they knew how to manage themselves or if they were well versed with the music business. No one on the list knows even 5% of the music business,” she noted.

She questioned what the last regime headed by Cindy did for the musicians and the entire industry at large.

“…I doubt any of the past regime or the ones contesting has at least five big global contacts in the music business or music industry in Africa or the world,” she noted.

Elections will be held on Monday June 6 2022.

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