The immigration officers at Entebbe International Airport detained Hassan Ali Hassan Hida, an Eritrean national, while he was in possession of 80 Eritrean passports.

 Hida was apprehended by the AVIPOL and immigration team at Entebbe Airport in the possession of the 80 passports, but he could not explain the whereabouts of their owners.

According to Simon Peter Mundeyi, the Internal Affairs Ministry Spokesperson, Hida was entering Uganda via Entebbe Airport holding a heavy bag. He says that the bag was promptly inspected by immigration officials and the security team. To their surprise, they uncovered a collection of 80 passports belonging to Eritrean nationals and over 10 national identity cards belonging to Ugandans.

However, Hida was unable to provide any explanation regarding the whereabouts of the passport owners. As a result, security officials initiated an investigation to determine whether these individuals are already residing in Uganda or if they intended to use Entebbe Airport as a transit point.

“Ali Hassan was in possession of 80 passports, which belonged to Eritrean nationals, and also possessed over 10 national identity cards that belonging to Ugandans,” he said.

Hassan claimed that he was returning the passport to its owners while being questioned by an immigration officers.

He is also suspected of being involved in criminal activities like human trafficking.

Hassan has been charged with possessing documents that do not belong to him.