Archbishop Stanley Ntagali in trouble for adultery committed

Former Archbishop Stanley Ntagali has been dragged to court by Rev. Christopher Tugumehabwe for sleeping with his wife and wants UGX 530M as compensation.

Last week Ntagali confessed in church and sought for forgiveness from Rev. Christopher Tugumehabwe

After Ntagali admitting and confessing committing adultery, Tugumehabwe has written an intention to sue letter through his lawyers of Bikangiso & CO. Adovocates, and wants a compensation of UGX 530M for the damages caused.

“It has come to our client’s knowledge that you were committing adultery with our client’s wife and that she currently bears your own child who was born in their marriage” – part of the intention to sue letter written by his lawyers.

“Your unbecoming, sinful and unlawful conducts have occasioned our client general damages to wit- loss of dignity, marriage break down, stress, trauma, embarrassment, loss of privacy, loss of his job as a lecturer at Bishop Barham University collage and minimal chances to rise in the clergy ranks.” more from the letter.

Stanley Ntagali
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