Bad Black is confused after learning that she is related to her current sweet boyfriend, Asha Katende. No wonder she likes him a lot!

In Buganda culture it’s a taboo to sleep with a person you are related to. But it’s too late for the self proclaimed ‘Masolo Queen’ who has been feasting on Asha for almost a year after dumping former toy boy, Sky West. Through her Snapchat, Bad Black explained that they went to NIRA offices to pick Asha’s national identity card only to find he comes from the same clan with her mum. They share totem.

“Pickin Asha national id this is how we came to know nti asha yedira omuziro gumu ne maama wange so aberra kojja wange,” Bad Black partly revealed.

After discovering the truth, Bad Black and Asha called their parents for clarity and they were told that they have been feasting on themselves illegally. “We contacted both our parents MB u kitufu, Kati kojja twezina long ago.” Bad Black.

From the Buganda cultural settings, if Asha shares the same totem with Bad Black’s mum, it means he is Bad Black’s uncle. So Bad Black has been doin great incest with her uncle.

We don’t know what Bad Bad Black is going to do because recently she went public and declared her underlying love for Asha and revealed that she’s soon walking down the aisle with him.

Source: RoutineBlast.