Kabaka Ronald Mutebi’s health is worsening why???

A video circulating on social media has caused havoc among Ugandan especially Baganda demanding to know whats going on with the King.

Yesterday Ronald Muwenda Mutebi appeared in public after a long period of time, he was celebrating his 66th birthday.

The celebrations were scientific due to COVID-19 pandemic and and only invited guests attend including the Vice President of Uganda.

On the event, a video of him was recorded but his situation was shocking

A lot of people have come out to demand for answers from the Katikiro and Other people responsible

Bebe Cool requested to be taken for treatment abroad

Bebe Cool posted “Am a muganda and a NEW muganda(ataliwankwe) and proud of my culture and tribe.But sincerely speaking what is the Kabaka of Buganda still doing here in Uganda in such a bad health condition as if we don’t see?? AND EVERY ONE IS SILENT.All high profile people when sick are urgently flown to countries that have better medical attention but for Kabakas case,buganda esilise nga ne meya Lukwago buli lwafunamu akasujja swiiiiiii Nairobi,yiyiiiiiiii Katikiro,namwe abakulu mu buganda,kigendelelwa ki Kyo?Ye mama,why even bring him in public for any function in the presence of media in such a condition??????Kumulabisaaaaa?Kiki?My prayer is to the commander in chief,the president of the Republic of Uganda,please intervene and question the situation that surrounds the King’s health b4 it worsens. Allah save the King of Buganda.ALLAHU-AKBAR.”

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