“Today marks one month since i was discharged from mulago hospital where i was battling Covid 19” – Zuena Kirema

Singer Bebe Cool’s wife Zuena Kirema has on Tuesday 22nd June through her social media handles shared her Covid -19 battle at Mulago Hospital.

She narrated

“Today marks one month since i was discharged from mulago hospital where i was battling Covid 19.Mine started as a simple flu,followed by cough and before i knew it,i had lost my taste and sense of smell. I immediately knew it was covid so i decided to treat myself from home (worst mistake) my health started deteriorating. I got a fever,running stomach, vomiting and i started sweating profusely. Hubby immediately made the decision to take me to mulago hospital. At first i was scared of mulago after the sad stories we keep hearing,but to my suprise i got the best care in mulago hospital.I can assure you that everything was free …accommodation, food and medication,the only time Hubby pulled out money was when there’s a specific medicine needed urgently. If i didn’t have 2 friends of mine that went to mulago before me,i would think I’m just being treated differently.

Am here to thank the doctors, nurses and staff of mulago hospital and all other medical personnels who have put their lives on the line to save Ugandans. To those battling the disease i pray you pull through because i know what you’re going through. To those that have lost loved ones, may the Lord comfort you and Rest their souls in peace.Lastly i would like to sensitise people out their to stop discrimination. It takes 10 to 14 days in your system and within that time if you’ve been on treatment, you’ve defeated the virus. Once you’re hospitalised,you can only leave hospital when you test negative. So don’t think because someone had it and they were discharged, they’ll pass it on,wrong.It’s nolonger a disease to hide but rather to learn from and save others.Let’s keep safe and keep posting our positive stories to encourage the sick out there.Wear your maskSanitize Keep indoors if you must”

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