A 14 year old boy living with HIV is stuck at Kiwoko hospital where he was abandoned by his parents during the COVID-19 lockdown.

The boy was admitted at Kiwoko hospital after developing HIV related opportunistic infections.

He had been abandoned at the grand father’s home in Wankwale village in Nakaseke district early this month with no care or medical treatment.

On July 10th, the boy petitioned kiwoko police station through a hospital to transfer him to hospital where he is currently receiving treatment. Paul Mugisha a senior HIV/AIDS counselor of Kiwoko hospital says the boy was malnourished with several wounds on his body by the time he was admitted to the facility.

The boy himself said he was surviving on a single meal a day and sometimes no meal at all even when he was illing and not knowing the where about of his mother. His grandfather Alex Mbabasi says he doesn’t want him to return to his home after treatment because he doesn’t have the capacity to look after him.

He explains that the boy was dumped by unidentified men at his home without explaining the whereabouts of the mother who he has not heard from in a year. Pastor Wilson Kintu the manager of Kiwoko HIV unit says that they have provided him with treatment, food and some clothes to improve on his well being. Kintu has noted that the administrators at the hospital wanted to discharge the boy but they have learned that he has nowhere to go.