The original founder of National Unity Platform (NUP) Moses Nkonge Kibalama has disowned People Power leader Robert Kyagulanyi for failure to clear $5M, an equivalent of shs 18 billion which he bought the party.

In Kibalama said he and other partners founded the party in 2004 under the name “National Unity Reconciliation and Development Party(NURP) without knowing that the likes of Kyagulanyi’s would emerge and take over its leadership.

“We were promised something like $5 million and other pleasantries, but up to now we have not seen anything. All we see is excitement. We have therefore decided to take back to our party,” Kibalama said.

He said that while negotiating with People Power clique, Kibalama left out other influential original founders who later felt aggrieved and went to Court.

Kibalama also added that him and Bobi Wine agreed to change the name from NURP to NUP for easy pronunciation.

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