Contractors were invited to a special sitting at the city hall mainly to analyze contracts for completed projects under Kampala Capital City (KCCA) and those about to begin.

The seating turned chaotic as the contractors’ representatives declined to present the contracts signed by KCCA as part of a 288-million-dollar loan from the African Development Bank meant for road construction in the city.

The Deputy Executive Director Of Kampala, Mr. David Luyimbazi later defended the contractors’ conduct saying the documents contain sensitive information and that they are waiting for guidance from Solicitor General.

“We need guidance from the Solicitor General, there is information here that is supposed to be confidential like the signatures, powers of Attorney, and account numbers that confidential,” said David Luyimbazi.

KCCA City Hall

He went ahead and said that these contracts contain financial statements of the companies and a lot of reference information that somebody could misuse.

However, the Lord Mayor of Kampala Erias Lukwago says that the technical people who preview this information and know the signatures are not angels from heaven.

“As the accounting officers we are your supervisors and you account to us, in return we also account to the people so if you deny us vital information. You deny us the record we want to use to execute our work properly which means you are responsible for the chaos,” said Erias Lukwago.

“Am ready for a long hold, the response we shall be given will be determined by the conduct of the accounting officers and ministers. We have developed a thick skin prepared for any eventually along the way,” Erias added