Ugandan singer Cinderella Sanyu alias Cindy Sanyu has praised fellow singer Naira Ali for criticizing artists who pay for their songs to get on countdowns.

A few days back, Naira Ali came out on her social handles and condemned artists who pay presenters and bloggers in order to get air play.

“You pay for your song to get on countdowns,pay presenters to praise you,you exercise pay per play for your songs,you pay bloggers to praise you,you bost your social media’s for following,you generate YouTube views monitorily, almost every media person is on your payroll,you surbotage other artists music playing and there’s absolutely nowhere your music goes deliberately if not paid for and then you claim you’re the best. Amazing!!” she posted

Fellow Cindy has thanked her for speaking the truth via her socials with a caption of a screenshot of her post.

“Thanks for speaking up @nairaaliofficial Cindy posted

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