Producer Didi, real name Abdul Karim, is commonly known for producing several hit songs especially the song that gave musician Eddy Kenzo a mega start.

He also worked on several hit songs in the industry including Eddy Kenzo’s ‘Stamina’, and Coco Finger’s ‘Mr. Deejay’, Sizzaman’s ‘Mafaranga’, Maurice Hasa’s ‘Kaleke Kasome’, and Gift ov Kaddos ‘Traffic Man Officer’, among many others.

But after many years of working, he has nowhere to call home and he is calling upon all the musicians to come to his rescue so that he may go back t the studio.

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He has no studio and has to do casual work to earn a meal.

Producer Didi says his life took a twist for the worst when the government arrested him for making a song with “Panadol wa bakyala” that was deemed pornographic.


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