Musicians Nina Roz and Daddy Andre appear to be building another strong relationship and this was clearly demonstrated during their recent interview at Dembe FM.

The two who were last known to have parted ways looked to confirm that their bond is obviously unbreakable as Daddy Andre did most of the talking and Nina Kakunda just admitted to most of what Andre was sharing and talking about.

All about the show turned more fun when Daddy Andre entered into the studios where Nina was hosted and the two were so cool with each other.

Nina Roz thanked Daddy Andre for being there for her through the highs and lows of life that she faced and noted how she has a debt to pay him.

Time Bina Babie called Nina Roz by her surname, she quickly responded by noting that it’s only Daddy Andre who calls her that way as she cast a wide smile.

Bina Babie immediately chipped in noting that she thought the two had broken up but Andre responded with a “No!”

The whole interview went on smoothly and whoever was tuned in really enjoyed a lively conversation although Nina Roz had little to say during the chat as Daddy Andre dominated the show.

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