Benon Mugumbya Swangz Avenue’s co-director said despite Winnie Nwagi misbehaving sometimes, she is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet.

During an interview were Benon Mugumya was thanked and the whole label for their efforts in disiplining Nwagi, he went on and said, “There are times when things go wrong, and because she is in the public eye, a lot of things are blown out of proportion. But Winnie is a very sweet girl. Very shy, very down to earth.”

“Only that when you cross the line with her, she won’t hesitate to retaliate. Sometimes she is very quick to react. She has that weakness. But that aside, she is very cool.”

Singer Winnie Nwagi

On many different occasions, Nwagi has been accused to missbehaving. To an extent there were also speculations that it could be the reason as to why Swangz had refused to organise her maiden concert, though Benon would later deny that.

How ever to some people Nwagi’s character is what has endeared her to the public. Her maiden concert last year is still one of the most attended, if not the most within recent history.


Last week Swangz Avenue declared the signing of a new member Kitaka under its label, this made him the first male musician under the label in a long while.

Mugumbya said, it took about a year and a half of waiting to close the deal.Very few musicians are as patient as Kitaka because he approached us a year and a half ago. And we told him, no problem, we shall work. and he was persistent.”

Kitaka dropped his first song under the Swangz avenue label last week and its entitled “Nothing.”