The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda (CoU) , Dr. Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu has once again come out to rebuke Government officials with corrupt tendencies as he also urged President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to assent to the recently passed Anti-Homosexuality Bill, 2023.

The Archbishop made the call in his Easter message delivered at the Church of Uganda Provincial Offices at Namirembe were he said corruption is a matter of personal integrity that needs to be dealt with.

“Corruption is a matter of personal integrity. It is a matter of greed and entitlement. But it is far more than that. You must answer to a holy and all-powerful God. Do you fear Him? If you feared Him, you would trust that He has risen to empower you to follow the Bible’s command. Do the right thing and return whatever you have taken and add a top-up,” he said.

Archbishop Kaziimba Mugalu

He noted: “In Luke Chapter 19:8, there is a story of a corrupt tax collector called Zaccheus who defrauded his people of money by overcharging. After encountering Jesus, he returned everything he had stolen and topped up with FOUR TIMES what he had stolen. For any of you who have taken anything that is not yours, I call upon you to return it and top-up with something extra. It does not have to be Zaccheus’ four times the amount. However, do top-up something.”

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Kazimba also appealed to the President to assent to the Bill into to become law and ensure that Uganda does not set a legal precedent that will be difficult to overcome in the future.

“The LGBTQ-affirming countries have shown us the negative consequences. To surrender to their threats is to set Uganda on a path of self-destruction. Please, Your Excellency, protect us,” said the Archbishop.

He added that homosexuality is currently a challenge because it is being forced on the country by outside, foreign actors against Uganda’s will, culture, and religious beliefs.

“They disguise themselves as “human rights activists,” but are corrupting real human rights by adding LGBTQ+ to their agenda. There have always been a few people in our communities who were known as homosexuals and the communities knew how to relate with them.  The fact that very few of our local languages even have a word for homosexuality shows how it is not a part of our cultures and our communities. This is one of the areas where our culture is aligned with the Bible, which never speaks positively about homosexual relationships,” said Archbishop Kaziimba.

He commended Parliament for upholding the position of homosexuality being illegal, saying that LGBTQ relationships should not be promoted in school curricula, in cartoons, and in the so-called “human rights workshops,” or any other forum as normative.

“There is no moral equivalence between LGBTQ relationships and lifelong, heterosexual, monogamous marriage.  The Bible teaches, and scientific studies have shown, that children flourish when they are raised by both their mother and father, and with the presence, involvement, and support of their extended family. This is the African way; this is the Biblical way; and this is the way shown to us through natural law,” he added.

Parliament’s approval of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, 2023 is the second attempt by Uganda to have stand-alone legislation against homosexuality.