State Minister for tourism, Godfrey Kiwanda and Tourism Ambassador, Eddy Kenzo graced the ceremony as Uganda Wildlife Authority unveils the Bengal tigers at Entebbe Zoo.

Bengal tigers at Entebbe Zoo
Bengal tigers at Entebbe Zoo

The tigers were brought into the country from South Africa in exchange for 25 monkeys.

This makes Uganda the first East African country to accommodate tigers.

Kenzo and Kiwanda Suubi

“As a Tourism Ambassador of Uganda , I was invited to grace the unveiling of the Bengal tigers at UWEC-Entebbe Zoo. Many of us have read about them in comics and watched them in movies, but had never seen them face-to-face.

These tigers will add value to the conservation, education, research and recreation efforts of the zoo
I was also impressed by the new developments at the zoo and urge both Ugandans and international visitors to visit UWEC this festive season. Imagine Entebbe Zoo received about 380,000 visitors last year with Ugandans the majority. With tigers, it is a golden opportunity for Ugandans to visit UWEC.
I also saw many animals there that are our totemns (emiziro) in most parts of the country for instance the Buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion among others. All these enable us to educate our children and remind them to protect our wildlife as their pride.” Eddy Kenzo stated