Evelyn Anite Minister for Investment has conceded defeat to former Attorney General Francis Ayume’s son Dr Charles Ayume.

Though she has conceded,she still claims that there were malpractices of all non NRM members to vote.

“I would like to thank all the people of Koboko who turned up today to show me unwavering support and to choose me as their NRM flag bearer. i appreciate you all.”

A word to Ayume’s camp “To the Cynics, if ferrying in voters from neighboring districts to elect your candidate is considered victory, then congratulations and i wish you well.”

“Even before when Jesus died, he accepted unjust defeat when he said its finished”

“I there for take this opportunity to encourage all people of Koboko Municipality that fighting for what is right is worth it and nothing has made me prouder than to be your champion and fighter.”

She also had a word for the haters”And to you all haters in the VWN no focus on other issues am out of the game with joy and no stress”

Dr Charles Ayume leading with 8,089 and Anite with 7,321 in the preliminary results.