By Tendo Rebecca.

A few days ago, Moses Ssali, commonly known for his stage name Bebe cool released his new song called “ZINA”. Upon uploading it on his you tube channel, many listeners appreciated it wheres others criticized it.

Those that criticized the song included a one events promoter called Bajjo. While  speaking at a press briefing , Bajjo events attacked singer Bebe Cool, saying that the legendary singer has brought shame by singing a “stupid song”.

Bebecool’s new song


Bajjo urged that   at his level, he should be singing songs that are meaning full and communicate something reasonable to the audience.

“My brother Bebe Cool has sung a song that even an upcoming musician can not sing,” Bajjo said.

He said that at the level of Bebe Cool, he should not be singing stupid songs.

“He should respect himself as a legend, you can not sing songs like Zina, what will upcoming artists sing?” Bajjo wondered.

Promoter Bajjos view on Bebe cools Zina song

know more about Bebecool.

He was born in 1977 by a re known veteran Uganda politician Jabeli Bidandi Ssali. His real name is Moses Ssali and his stage name is Big size Bebe cool

He has been married to Zuena Kirema for more than twenty years and  have  six children.

He begun his music career around 1997.

He has many songs including Gyenvude, kasepiki and many others.


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