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On Saturday,  Five people  sustained injuries when a health center ambulance they were travelling in over turned in Rubanda District.

The police spokesperson for Kigezi region, Mr Elly Maate, said the cause of accident was over speeding as the driver was transporting an expectant mother alongside some health workers and relatives from Kiizi Health Center III in Rubanda District to Kabale Regional Referral Hospital for specialised health care.

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“The accident occurred on Saturday at around 15:50hrs at Ntaraga Village, Ntaraga Parish, Ikumba Sub County along Kagunga-Kabale murram road in Rubanda District, when an ambulance Mv reg no. UAL 194J T/ Land cruiser white in colour attached to Kiizi health center III, lost control and overturned while rushing an expectant woman to Kabale regional referral hospital.

Five people that were on board sustained serious injuries,” Mr Maate said.


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Ms Brandina Nyinaguhigwa, the expectant mother, was travelling alonside her two-year-old daughter Anociate Nuwamanya Brandina Busingye. Other victims include; Brandina Busingye, 25, a midwife, the ambulance driver Wilson Byomugabe, 45, and Veneranda Ntegyerezi, 52.

“The driver lost control due to over speeding and the ambulance went off the road and overturned several times. It ended in the valley about 25 meters from the road. The police mobilized another vehicle that transported the injured victims to Kabale regional referral hospital for treatment,” Mr Maate said.

He noted that a case of single accident has been recorded at Rubanda Police Station and the wreckage was towed to the station pending an inspection by the Inspectorate of Vehicles (IOV).



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