Gospel singer Gabriella Bridget Ntaate has been surprised by her fans who have celebrated her birthday in style with a gift of her face on a billboard in Kampala on her 31st birthday.

It should be remembered that in the recent years, billboards are becoming a place to surprise your loved ones. From lovers confessing their love to fans surprising their celebrities, it is something common now.

Former Spark Tv presenter and Songwriter Gabie Ntaate had no idea her fans would treat her to a similar surprise on Friday morning.

She was born on 14th April 1992, and therefore, celebrates her 31st birthday today. Known for keeping a low profile, she must have had plans of holding a small party with close friends and family and calling it a day.

Her fans, however, had big plans of painting the city with her face on billboards – and so they did.

Photos of Gabie Ntaate’s face on a billboard made rounds early on Friday morning. The billboard also has her favorite line; “The goal is to win souls to God.”

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