NTV ‘Akawungeezi’ news reader and ‘Mwasuze Mutya’ presenter, Faridah Nakazibwe sparked quite a buzz with her first ever twitter spaces on “Bonds for a Lifetime” on Wednesday evening.

The Space was as a result of reactions to one of her tweets mentioning how quick it is these days to lose relationships and why bonds no longer last.

The conversations were centred around the complexities around romantic and platonic bonds and relationships. Guests on the space poured out their hearts as they discussed very personal experiences about the difficulties of maintaining relationships.

Due to the surprisingly large volume of people who wanted to contribute to the space, Faridah decided to host a physical dialogue about bonds on Thursday at 3pm. In the queue of contributors happened to have the Hima Cement account, a well know cement manufacturer which led to the brand sponsoring her dialogue.

Faridah has shown that influencers and public figures have to be more vocal and vulnerable about relatable topics of interest and they too might get a chance to fruitful opportunities.

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