A man in Kisoro District has allegedly killed his son by cutting his throat after an argument with his wife over the child’s real biological father.

A five-year-old boy, identified as Junior Aloysius, lost his life in a tragic incident that has left the community in shock and disbelief.

The Kigezi Police spokesperson ASP Elly Maate said that the incident occurred in Matyazo village, Rukongi parish in Nyarusiiza sub county of Kisoro district.

It’s alleged that at about 8 Pm, Elias Kabeni 31, went to his mother’s place Nyirasheriburyo Jovia 65 who was staying with his son Junior Aloysius 5, to pick a key he usually keeps at his mother’s place. 

Elias Kabeni, after collecting the key, made the fateful decision to take his son with him back home, just a short distance away. However, along the way, Elias Kabeni decided to cut the throat of his own son, Junior Aloysius and fled the scene.

ASP Maate told the press that it has been established that the suspect had an argument with the wife over the biological father of the child as he was at one moment informed by the wife that the child is not his, prompting him to end the child’s life.

Moments later, Elias Kabeni surrendered himself to the authorities at Kisoro Police Station, leaving the community bewildered by his actions.

Elly Maate says more investigations are ongoing to establish the cause of the unfortunate incident.

Maate also advised married couples to seek solving their grievances in available authorities,than resorting to heinous acts.

A case was opened at Kisoro Central Police Station under the file number SD 54/29/08/2023 and the Scene visited by a team of officers, transferred the Body to Kisoro hospital mortuary for postmortem examination.