Uganda’s  President Yoweri Museveni, has said he never misses packing his Ugandan food whenever he has to travel.

In an undated video, President Kaguta Museveni said he packs milk, millet flour, fruits, chicken, honey, and plantain bananas during his trips all around the world.

He went on and narrated that “ One time when i traveled to the United Kingdom (UK), my pineapple stock ran out, i sent my staff to  a store but i took once slice of it an it terminated the whole exercise at once.”he narrated.

Museveni said the pineapples they bought from the store were so hard, less sweet, and had an ammonia-like pungent taste.

“I have never seen or tasted a hard pineapple like the one I had in London,” he added. “I couldn’t believe that was a pineapple.”

Museveni firmly stated that he will not eat any pineapple until he goes back to Uganda.

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