State Minister for Finance and Economic Planning, MP for Ntenjeru North, Amos Lugolobi has been arrested and is currently detained at Kira Road police station over relief iron sheets meant for the people of Karamoja.

The arrest of Mr. Lugolobi on Friday evening comes hours after Anti-Corruption Court granted cash bail of Shs 10 million to Karamoja Affairs Minister Margret Kitutu from Luzira prison where she spent a week regarding the same matters.

The minister is currently detained at the Kira Road police station as he awaits to be produced in court on Monday.

Lugolobi is among those who benefited from Karamoja iron sheets that were meant for the vulnerable and he is said to have used these iron sheets on his farm.

He reportedly received 600 iron sheets said to be part of relief materials that the government procured through the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) for vulnerable people in the Karamoja Sub-region.

However, he later removed the iron sheets from his farm saying they were evil.

“I have realized that these iron sheets are evil, and I no longer need them. Let me remove it so that I buy other iron sheets and re-roof my shed so that no one can lay claim that I owe them anything on my property,” Amos Lugolobi is quoted to have said.