Uganda is expecting to deport foreign students studying in within the country but without the required legal papers says the government authorities.

The Immigration authorities have warned that they would have to do spot checks in institutions of learning to ensure compliance.

As claimed in the details issued in a circular to the Ministry of Education, a foreign student is supposed to register with immigration department within 15 days of arrival in Uganda.In a circular to education institutions, the education ministry said no foreign student or learner shall be registered without a student pass.

The Ministry has also threatened to impose sanctions on education entities and individuals that fail to adhere to the directive.

Please note that failure to adhere to this directive will compel the ministry to impose appropriate sanctions against the affected education institutions and their respective managers,” the February 17 circular signed by Ketty Lamaro, the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Education and sports, reads.

The foreign student has to apply for a student visa at the Ugandan embassy or consulate in their home country.In some cases, a letter of acceptance from a recognised educational institution in Uganda, as well as other required documentation must be presented.

Foreign students must also register with the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) a process that involves providing the requisite documents such as academic certificates.

Also, they are also expected to register with the police in their area of residence and furnish the same with documents allowing them to stay and study in the country.ADVERTISEMENT

Schools hosting refugees are required to ensure regular and timely submission of lists for refugee students every six months to enable the immigration department and the education ministry to establish the actual number of refugee students in learning institutions across the country.

Student passes are granted to foreign nationals above the age of four enrolled in a learning institution in Uganda, according to the immigration department. This can be for three months, six months and 12 months.