Frank Gashumba, a motivational speaker and a father to a socialite Sheilah Gashumba has come out and expressed his desire for getting a wife to marry.

However, Gashumba said that he had found it difficult to find a perfect woman and so, he is not looking at any woman but he is considering certain qualities that he revealed in an interview with Urban TV.

Gashumba expressed his frustration with the current dating scene, stating that many women are too focused on the limelight, while he values privacy. He revealed that he has tried dating in the past, but has yet to meet a woman who meets his criteria of being able to maintain a private life while serving as a loving wife.

However, it seems that Gashumba is ready to put his search for love into high gear. In a recent interview with Urban TV, he announced that he is actively seeking a pretty, smart, intelligent, and cultured lady to marry. He even went as far as offering a substantial reward to anyone who could help him find his perfect match.

Despite past rumors of a romantic relationship with Doreen Kabareebe, who is now married to another man, Gashumba is currently single and appears to be determined to find his ideal partner.

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