National Unity Platform-NUP leaders are demanding the unconditional release of the ten women who were arrested for holding an unlawful assembly.

On Wednesday, police arrested women from Kalerwe market who had chained themselves were arrested on Wednesday from Kalerwe Market as they headed to the city center. They were arrested while protesting against the continued detention of NUP supporters.

The group claimed that Women’s Day means little to them because many women continue to die while giving birth, lack of medical equipment in government health facilities, coupled with high charges for hospital bills.

The women are Stella Nakyeyune, Nakiku Allen, Namatovu Milly, Nankya Fiona, Seronga Rukia, Allen Nantume, Ramuto Apio Flavia, and Elizabeth Nyanzi.

women being arrested by police on the international womens day on wednesday

On Thursday, Lewis Lubongoya  the NUP Secretary General and Fred Nyanzi the NUP Chief mobilizer went to the Central Police Station in Kampala demanding for the release of the women but in vain.

Lubongoya said that they have seen the women and are still in strong spirits though manhandled.

Patrick Onyango the Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson said that they are working around the clock to see that the women are taken to court and worked upon immediately.


10 Women Arrested for Conducting an Illegal Protest.

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