The Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) has resolved to cancel football matches that will have been confirmed to have been fixed, regardless of whether they are ongoing or due to commence. According to the Federation, this is one of the new measures to combat the growing vice of match-fixing in Uganda Football.

Denis Lukambi, the FUFA legal manager announced the decision during their weekly press briefing at the FUFA Complex in Mengo Monday. He explained that once FUFA gets information on any fixed matches, it will take swift action to halt the game and fix those already played for replay.

While launching the campaign, FUFA President Hon. Magogo Moses Hassim indicated there is will from the Federation to stop the persisting challenge.

“We are here to launch an anti-match fixing campaign and this is an opportunity for us to read from the same page as FIFA who are at the forefront of this battle. We are aware that the more you promote football, the more you expose it to challenges and equally we must find solutions to them,” he started.

Launch of Anti-fixing Match campaign

“Football today is facing a problem of match manipulation just like the wider society is faced with challenges like hunger, terrorism, and money laundering. Match fixing kills the game because the beauty of football is in uncertainty. If you kill this element and results are predetermined, then the game will not survive.”

The President also stated the Federation must fight match-fixing and certain measures have been put in place.

“Whereas the players and match officials are the easiest targets, as FUFA we are coming up with measures that will desist anyone involved in the game from match-fixing. A phone number (0787063409) and email address have been put in place and whoever has information can report to us.” He said.

The President also revealed that for the next month, FUFA will give amnesty to anyone who has been involved in match-fixing and can come out to denounce the vice. The Immunity will be in line with football regulations.

FUFA CEO Edgar Watson highlighted how FUFA will reach out to the general public through sensitization programs aimed at fighting match-fixing.

“Today’s press conference is just the start of a long-term program. Going forward, FUFA will embark on media campaigns to educate the masses, print out educational material, reach out to clubs, and coordinate with other Member Associations to interlink information.” The CEO stated.