Socialite Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka BadBlack ha taken to social media and blasted upcoming singer An-known for smelling.

The ‘Masolo’ Queen who featured in An-Known’s new music video titled ‘Tonelabira’ as a vixen took to her Facebook account and expressed her dissatisfaction with the singer for posting her photo when promoting his song.

Upcoming musician tonesibako if i was not paid to vixen we’re would you hv found me tonesibako kubanga nagumikiliza enkwawa zo naye zampunyilira stop all this nonsense the ki song was done 7month ego .. go brush and perfume urself kumanyoko::i mean u can post ur ki song not my pic nze family yo musajja there on media onanemessa obufumbo singa obadde towuunya kale…tegeza gwe UNKNOWN STOP POSTING ME ON UR PAGE” BadBlack posted

"Go brush and perfume" BadBlack blasts singer An-known
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