The Government has deployed over 1,000 security personnel ahead of the Serere County Member of Parliament seat By-Elections that are set to kick off on Thursday.

The security personnel include soldiers from the Uganda People’s Defense Force (UPDF), Uganda Police Force (UPF), and the Uganda Prison Service (UPS). The others are intelligence personnel scattered across the seven sub-counties and three town councils in the constituency.

According to Oscar Gregg Ageca the East Kyoga police spokesperson says that security personnel are deployed to ensure that there is peace, free and fair elections in Serere polling stations.

“The policemen, Army, and the prison officers you see everywhere are not to threaten anyone and if they threaten, beat, or violate your rights please inform us. They are to protect your rights and to make sure everyone’s rights are protected,” said ASP Oscar.

He added on and said that as the security personnel protects people’s rights, the individuals are also expected to uphold the law as it is their obligation by making sure to respect one another at the polling station.

“If they still have any authority to run an election, then they should respect the people to defend their rights to participate in the process without being harassed anyhow. We would like to go for rallies today but that part of the snag that we hit in the morning because people are hesitant,” said Alaso.

She went ahead and said that the community is getting terrified even the leaders are beginning to feel uncomfortable about moving into the community to campaign, yet they hear the NRM camp is moving freely.

Alaso is also warried about the Resident District Commissioners (RDCs) that have pitched camps in Serere. On Monday morning more than 30 RDCs were seen in different parts of the constituency threatening people as they campaign for NRM flag bearer.