The State Minister for Kampala Kyofatogabye Kabuye has warned bodaboda cyclists who do not want to get vaccinated that their days in the city are numbered.

“no unvaccinated boda-boda cyclist will be allowed to operate in the city starting January next year,” said Kyofatogabye

President Museveni recently announced that the government will fully reopen the economy in January 2022.

The minister made the remarks while officiating at the opening of the 4th COVID 19 vaccination mass campaign organized by the safe boda academy at Kyebando, a Kampala suburb.

The safe boda vaccination campaign is aimed at attracting Boda Boda riders to get vaccinated.

 According to the safe boda co-founder, Ricky Rapa Thompson, over 6000 Boda boda riders have been vaccinated since the launch of the campaign.