FDC’s Presidential candidate, Patrick Oboi Amuriat has responded to his critics and admitted that indeed Dr Kizza Besigye’s shoes are too big for him to fill. He however said he has a long track record in politics and public service and that Besigye has not been holding his hand all this time.

“This is partly a creation of the media who think someone coming from a small village lacks capacity to be an actor on the national platform. I have been in trenches for a long time. I am a man on my own,” Amuriat told reporters.

“It is necessary for everyone to know that Dr Besigye is the biggest political drum in this country and can never be ignored. So Mr Ogon (cartoonist) can draw a carton of my small feet in that large size shoe of Dr Besigye and it really doesn’t bother me, because it is true, Dr Besigye’s shoes are too big for any political actor in this country”.

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He says it has taken him hard work to earn the confidence of Besigye and that no amount of criticism will deter him.

Meanwhile, Amuriat has appointed his recent challenger (in FDC Presidential candidate race), Wasswa Birigwa, as Director General of his 2021 campaign. He also appointed Roland Mugume Kaginda (MP Rukungiri municipality) as National Field Coordinator and Albert Okello Oduman (former MP Bukedea county) as Executive Director of Campaign Bureau.

Amuriat said their role will be to put in place a robust campaign team, mobilize funds, and set up campaign structures. The complete team will be unveiled Monday October 19.

Source: SoftPower News