Bebe Cool, real name Moses Ssali from Gagamel Music has revealed why his nemesis Bobi Wine shouldn’t compare himself to him.

It should be remembered that at the start of this month, Bobi Wine during a press interview revealed that for the past 20 years, he has been ahead of his counterparts Chameleone, and Bebe Cool, in all spheres of life including music, academics, physical, philosophical, and financial, which statement refused to be digested by Bebecool.

Bebe Cool revealed that Bobi’s recent claims were aimed at chasing clout. He added that before the latter draws conclusions that he is wealthier than him, he ought to first reflect on their family lineage.

watch the video below

Bebe went on to stress that in terms of music, he has received numerous worldwide honours and featured on many prestigious international stages, such as the late Nelson Mandella’s birthday compared to his counterpart Bobi Wine.

In terms of books, Bebe Cool explained that although he studied PCM at the A-level, he cannot be compared to someone who studied music, dance, and drama at university.

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