Singer Vivian Tendo has amazingly revealed that she is not the kind of wife material that cooks and cleans for her man in a home, and she has even emphasized that she has never allowed her fiance to chew her sumbie where by they even don’t sleep in the same bed or house as for now because they are not legally married.

Interviewed while on video shoot of her latest new single, Vivian Tendo opened up about her relationship with her new man, a Mubende based pastor called Pastor Moses Tinsley Waswa.

Vivian Tendo was asked about her intentions to solemnize her relationship with her partner.Vivian stressed that she awaits what the future holds, before stating that deeds speak louder than words.

She added that she does not cook for her partner and that she is unconcerned if he dumps her since she will retreat into solitude.

An interview of Vivian Tendo

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