According to Cindy Sanyu’s cryptic message on the feminist movement and lesbians, she has maintained that she holds nothing against lesbians but rather against the unnecessary wars feminism creates.

Yesterday Friday morning, Cindy has decided to finally reveal her Women’s Day message having held onto it so long for the past few hours.

In the message she notes how the feminist movement is bound to leave several women sad, alone, and lonely and then advises women to avoid falling victim to the movement unless they are lesbians.

“Since the other day, I was wondering what to tell women (Specifically)for women’s day so after a lot of thought this is my message to women. Unless you’re lesbian, don’t join the feminist movement, you will end up sad, alone, and lonely. No joke,” message reads.

The message seems to be applauded by several of her fans and followers. Others, however, are not pleased with all with how she delivered it.

The King herself Cindy Sanyu

Part of the comments and reactions on the Facebook post show netizens who questioned her interpretation of feminism.

Others wonder if her post was made specifically for her fellow singer Sheebah Karungi, to which she responds by saying it’s okay if she needs to heed her advice.

Julius Kyomuhendo then writes, “Exactly you just spoke my heart those women who are feminists in Africa here it’s hard for them to get married and I have made research most of the women in the feminist movements are lesbians.”

The self-styled King Herself then says that she has nothing against lesbians but maintains that feminism creates wars that don’t exist.

“I have nothing against lesbians, at least the boundaries there are clear but this so-called feminism creates wars that don’t exist,” she maintains.

However we should all put in mind that the parliament is working on the new Anti- HomosexualBill, so what is your view on Cindy’s comment where she says she is not against Lesbian?


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