Well, social media has been carried our with a debate following Angella Katatumba‘s recent remarks on how she was raised to hustle, get money and not to cook or do laundry for a man.
It’s either Angella’s remarks were blown out of context or she has been misguided by a few people and friends. We all agree that times have changed and certain practices are slowly dieing out. However, our fore fathers and the holly books in particular emphasized the role of a woman in a home.
We may agree to disagree but there’s no man out there that does not feel good when their dinner is prepared by his wife. I have seen very “rich” women in Kampala that return home by 5pm so they can prepare something for their husbands. It’s not that they don’t have a maid at home but rather their obligation.
I have also seen men that drive monster rides, have buildings in the city but still help in a home by cleaning the compound, cook. It does not take away anything from you when you do some house work.
Many of these guys actually agree a woman is not a “maid” But will be deeply hurt if their woman brags about it.
The whole point is to keep a humble attitude irrespective of how much wealth you possess as a woman. Listening to this particular song titled “Adam Ne Kaawa” by Nubian Li and Bobi Wine brings out this argument perfectly well. A man and a woman shall never carry the same obligations in a home.
Our sisters in society have lately been over shadowed by feminism. They are made to believe that what a man can do, a woman can. This is a correct statement that has been totally misinterpreted in every sense. You can still be rich and still take care of your husband at home.
In the end, most financially successful women have become single mothers with an assumption that after all i have all it takes to look after my kids. Well, this is not all that is needed to see your son or daughter grow. Every child needs a father and mother figure as they grow. Most of these single parents are actually hurting but can’t reverse the mistakes.
Wives and husbands, there’s no reason whatsoever that can justify not helping with house chores. You can have a maid but never shift all your obligations to her. Some men are carried away by the too much care these maids give them.
Before you know it, your marriage has crumbled and the maid is the new mistress.
Most ladies prepare and invest a lot in their weddings BUT forget to prepare and invest in their marriage.
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