Abubaker kalungi in a white kanzu and his lawyer Zimbe Zefania in a suit
High Court Building

Abubaker Kalungi, a 50 rear old carpenter and one of the suspects that accused of murdering the former police boss Mohamed Kirumira and his female friend Resty Nalinya, appeared in court in Monday and claimed how he was forced to admit tat he committed the murder case.

Led by his lawyer Zimbe Zefania, Abubakar Kalungi said that security operatives threatened to behead him if he made any resistance in signing various documents accepting the crime.

Defending himself, Kalungi who is a father of eight and resident in Ndejje clearly said that non-uniform men arrived and arrested whoever was around until some one directed them to him thus pushing him to the ground and firing two bullets just near his head.

“They further asked me what I had gone to do at Buliisa and I told them roofing. They then chained my hands and legs as they also covered my head with a mask,” he added.

Kalungi reported that was beaten by men who he only heard calling themselves Sam, Kule, Simon and Hitira as he was in detention.

He pain fully told court  that he was one night handcuffed with a police officer who he was asked to pin as the murderer. Consequently, Kalungi alleges that, he was then forced to sign on documents by former assistant inspector of Jinja Road police station Steven Walimba. However, he did not comply “since his hands were swollen and bleeding.”

However, prosecution led by Thomas Jatiko states that on September 8, 2018 at about 8:00pm in Bulenga, Wakiso District, Kalungi and Mwebe with others still at large with malice aforethought used a gun to murder ASP Kirumira and Nalinya who were driving in a Saloon car belonging to Kirumira.

The trial Judge Margret Mutonyi adjourned the matter to March 13 for submission.

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Source : Daily Monitor.