Barbie Kyagulanyi, wife to Bobi Wine, says she is worried about her husband given that there have been previous incidents where he has been detained only to be released in a critical state, sometimes with wounds.

“I’m strongly worried for his safety, because this has happened before. The Police has held him before and given him to us in a state where we had to first take him to hospital to treat him from wounds and everything bad that has happened to him in custody,” Barbie told BBC.

“Right now, we do not know what to expect. Even last time, when he was beaten in Arua, they kept him away from us for about 6 days. So we don’t know how long we’ll have to wait and it worries me so much”.

Barbie says her husband is not the only one facing ruthlessness from the current government but the other Opposition candidates in the Presidential race too.

“On the campaigns, almost all Opposition candidates have not been given the opportunity to complete one single day’s program. The ground is not leveled, there are double standards. The incumbent is enjoying mass gatherings on the streets, and the Opposition is not allowed to do the same”.

She also condoled with families that have lost their loved ones during riots that were sparked off by the arrest of Kyagulanyi.

“I barely slept yesterday night, but it’s not about me. We have a number of people who died in the city centre in broad daylight. I cannot start thinking about myself when there are families grieving their loved ones. I can’t thinking myself when Presidential candidates have halted their campaigns and when businesses have been affected,” Barbie said, responding to how recent events have affected her and her family.