Four pre-intern doctors have run to the High Court – Civil Division seeking permission to file a representative suit against the Ministry of Health and the Attorney General for refusing to deploy them.

The petitioners are Judith Lukwago, Dr. Bill Adrati, Wyckliff Ainamatsiko, and David Mugyema.

The group argues that they share similar interests with thousands of others who have not taken their concerns to court. Due to the large number of individuals involved, about 1,364, it is impractical for all of them to file separate lawsuits.

Therefore, they are requesting permission to represent the group as a few individuals.

In their intended lawsuit, the group, which includes medical doctors, nurses, midwives, and pharmacists, plans to challenge the Ministry of Health’s directive for them to self-sponsor their internships, as the Ministry claims it lacks the funds to cover their allowances.

They state, “We, as applicants, will fairly and adequately protect the interests of the represented class because we are fully aware of the risks and responsibilities of being named applicants and class representatives and have engaged qualified lawyers to assist us in the prosecution of the matter.”