As the ministers say they distributed the iron sheets to the victims of the natural disasters, new details have surfaced regarding the iron sheets scandal rocking the prime ministers office.

With the different Ugandans in Karamojong region who were supposed to receive relief of iron sheets from the government which is said not to have been received by the people, different evidence has surfaced showing some ministers involved in the scandal where they were given iron sheets with no formal requests.

A photo of different ministers and their views in the iron sheet saga.

In an interview honorable Matia Kasaija the finance minister said ” I personally didn’t request for them , but they were just allocated to mi. I think they are sympathetic to people especially us with constituencies. I am not criticizing them that they offered them to us, but definitely, I didn’t place any application.”

However, the minister of Relief, Disaster Preparedness and Refugees Hillary Onerk, said he was not aware of the development.

Mr Onek yesterday said: “I don’t know where the iron sheets originated from and how the ministers ended up receiving them. The good thing is the prime minister is one of the beneficiaries and let her and other ministers explain how they got the iron sheets. As for me, I have no information about that.”

Some of the beneficiaries

Date                Beneficiary                              Quantity     Issue Voucher Number 
25/0 1/23       Moriku Kaducu Joyce            200            8518
25/01/2023    Rebecca Kadaga                    500            8519
30/01/2023    Jacob Oboth Oboth               300            8520
30/01/2023    Rukia Nakadaama                 300            8521
30/01/2023    Matia Kasaija                         300            8,522
01/02/2023    Kitutu Mary Goretti                3,000         8524/8525
01/02/2023    Obua Dennis Hanson            300            8526
01/02/2023    Lugoloobi Amos                    300            8527
02/02/2023    Bwiino Kyakulaga                  300            8528
            Total                                                      5,500    

Honorable Betty Kamya the Inspector General of Government

The Inspector General of Government, Ms Betty Olive Kamya, said ” Regarding the iron sheets that were supposed to be delivered to the people in Karamoja, I assure you that we shall investigate this matter with out fear or favor and if there are people who need to step aside, out of fear that they might tamper  with the investigations, we shall ask them to step aside,” she said.