Job Summary
The ICT Security Administrator will coordinate and monitor the data security of banks information systems, compliance with standard ICT security practices, providing consultation and creating a general awareness on the ICT security to all staff..

Major Duties and Responsibilities
• Coordinating the Installation, configuration, upgrading and updating of software and Hardware security, Logical & Physical security to all the Banks systems/requirements and Data and storage.
• Coordinating monitoring of servers and applications for errors and performance /security problems.
• Monitor system resource usage and changes in user access rights in terms of security.
• Coordinating end of Period processing, system and data backup processes and archiving of data.
• Carry out end of day processes in order to update customer balances and generate offline balances for branches in line with ICT policy and procedures.
• Maintaining user access rights for the banking systems in line with the ICT policies and procedures.
• Implement and Monitor Intrusion attack attempts / Data theft attempts and deletion and prevent the data loss and un-authorized access to the bank infrastructure.
• Monitor the IT network for violations and attacks in line with the IT security policy.
• Test the effectiveness of the security safeguards in place and prepare and test the IT disaster recovery plan (DRP) in line with the IT security policy.
• Draw up a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) for IT systems and carryout an IT system Risk Assessment and produce a report for management in line with Basel II Capital accord.
• Ensure appropriate Proxy servers and firewalls are in place and monitor all the logs.

Minimum Education Qualification
B B.Sc. in Computer Science / Information Technology or Degree in any field plus post-graduate qualification in IT/Computer Science

Work Experience
Minimum of 3years demonstrated experience in IT systems & Security administration.

Key Required Skills
• Knowledge of the CISCO routers and switch-es, Linux/Solaris Security
• Knowledge of the network design
• Knowledge of the minimum space required for the system to run
• Understanding of Back up and data recovery procedures
• Knowledge of procedure for installation and configuration of data bases
• Understanding of System development cycles
• Knowledge of Firewalls/proxies and Routers/switches
• Understanding of Network scanners/ vulnerability assessment tools
• Demonstrated good customer service orientation
• Good communication skills
• Ability to quickly troubleshoot and resolve/ escalate issues as required

How to Apply

All interested candidates who meet the criteria indicated above are requested to send their applications, and updated Curriculum Vitae to the following email:

Deadline is Wednesday 3rd March, 2021 at 5:00pm
Note: Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted

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