Kenneth Nsibambi Questioned forced to explain why he had to choose that color of the cake and shape and finally speaks out

Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi‘s 66th birthday cake baker has had rough moments on internet after releasing pictures and identifying himself that is the one who made the cake for Kabaka

Many people have attacked him, saying why he had to make a coffin like cake for the King.

Due to pressure Nsibambi has come to defend himself and denied all the accusations

“Hello! Friends.Would like to make some point clear here about the kabaka’s birthday cake. Its Not the baker that decides on the color and shape of the Kabaka’s birthday cake but the royal family does and this time round, that the shape and color that was preferred. Sorry for all those that have been negatively affected. Long live the king of Buganda”– he posted

Kenneth Nsibambi
Kenneth Nsibambi with Kabaka’s cake
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