Brian Kasibante, a Rakai-based freelance journalist, committed suicide by poisoning himself to death

It is alleged that before Kasibante took  poison, he wrote a detailed note explaining as to  why he poisoned him self to die and how he wants to be buried.

According to the notes he left behind, it was his own decision to end his life. He asked the police not to arrest anyone.


A note that Kasibante left behind

He further told his wife to take heart and be strong.

“I am ending my life without anyone killing me. Please do not imprison anyone,” reads the note in part.

It adds, “I have left one child in the world, and he’s called Wiiki. My brothers, please take care of my child. Mama Wiiki, please be strong.”

About how he wants to be buried, the note reads, “I request you don’t do a funeral. Bury me the way you want. However, Isaac Kukiriza has my photo.”