Police in Mlolongo have arrested a woman who is allegedly linked to a child theft syndicate operating in the area.

The suspect who is identified as Mirriam Wesonga confessed to stealing children in Mlolongo and selling the to Uganda.

Miriam Wesonga, aged 18, was arrested by members of the public after she was seen with a child who is believed to be stolen.

Wesonga was taken to Mlolongo chief’s office, where she confessed to being part of the syndicate stealing children and selling them to Uganda via Busia.

Suspect held at Mlolongo Police Station In a video by Citizen TV, Mlolongo chief Peter Ndunda, said the suspect confessed to being part of a gang of three women who steal children from the Mlolongo area.

Ndunda, who handed over the woman to officers at Mlolongo Police Station, said the woman disclosed that she receives KSh 50,000 (that is close to 1,316,070 Ugandan Shilling) from her accomplice for every child stolen.

“She said she gets KSh 50,000 for every successful operation and that is why I took her to Mlolongo Police Station,” said Ndunda.

According to her confession, she has so far stolen three children, two of which have been recovered while one is still missing.

Police is not yet sure if the child she was found with is hers as she claims.

“This is business,” she said, and she gets paid for it.

“We have yet to find out who her accomplice are and why they are taking her to Uganda,” Ndunda said.

The area chief said the kidnappers have been luring children by giving them sweets and tasty bites before picking them up and fleeing with them.